Launched in the end of summer 2015, PONYO PORCO is a brand that focuses on the theme of hand-painted printing. 

Co-founded by the designer duo, Lupa & Larry, PONYO PORCO is named after the two axolotls of the designers. On the logo, the two magical creatures are conjoined in a pair with asymmetric features in details, which not only suggests the harmonies and differences between individuals, but also symbolizes the brands philosophy.


The designer duo is specialized in using vivid visual language to create mythical imageries where harmony and contrast co-exist. The blend of magical, realistic printing patterns and simple, straight-forward cuts produces a unique fashion deconstruction.

The visual concept hopes to inspire viewers to explore the intriguing narratives behind the designs by their imaginations. Moreover, PONYO PORCO uses its intuitive spirit and aesthetics with a soul to illustrate rhythmic and musical creations.





Lupa  is a fashion designer as well as an artist.

She was born in Los Angeles, 1989. Graduated from  Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins, London in 2012. Subsequently began to focus on painting and print design. Has worked as a intern in London’s designer studios such as Alexander Maqueen, Belle Sauvage, and Christopher Kane.


Lupa uses a very diverse array of creative media, and she likes to challenge new things to discover more possibilities. She works in areas including painting, illustration, sculpture, fashion design, and music composition. Her style is always comprised of a dark, unusual, allegorical, narrative, magical, and realistic sense of literality. 


Lupa is currently based in Taipei working on her print label PONYO PORCO.


Larry is a graphic designer born in Taipei, 1989.
Expressed artistic acuity at a young age. Enrolled in art classes from elementary school to senior high school, and won premium prize in the comic category of National Student Art Competition in senior high school. Studied fine arts in university, and graduated from Chinese Culture University’s Department of Fine Arts in 2012, when he also won the top prize in the category of Western painting.


Furthermore, Larry attended the design program offered by another department during university enrollment. He discovered his passion for graphic design, hence he turned to work in the design industry after graduation. In addition to working as designer at a design company, he established design studios like O4O and Plan b with some friends. Finally, he decided to pursue his personal dream of working in brand design.



“Iridescent like the collective unconsciousness of an eternally sun-lit, tropical city of neon.”


Sydney Sie is a photographer as well as a graphic designer and Animator. She uses gradients of color, surreal imagery, the female body, and other graphical elements of composition, color, and layout to construct ambiguous, two dimensional worlds in her photographs. Sydney Sie’s creative approach to photography is to create a strong impression of the external form with an implied narrative buried within. She deliberately uses the inertia of the viewer’s attention to move beyond the bright colors and into the narrative story.



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